Blood Pressure Support Premier Private Label

Blood Pressure Support Premier Private Label



90 tablets, 2 to 6 tablets/day

I get “White Coat” blood pressure every time I get it checked in a medical office. Maybe its the smell of the room, anticipation of getting a shot or just that this measurement is “official” and will forever be in disagreement with what happens in the quiet privacy of my own space. When I do my own measurement it is always lower. Clearly, emotion and life events have an immediate impact on blood pressure (BP). The rule of thumb is that the lower the BP, the better the chances of a longer life. Of course if it is too low that isn’t good either.

There are a number of natural products to help control high blood pressure. In my experience I haven't found any of them to work perfectly with everyone. Usually, there is a trial and error period with lots of adjustments of products and amount consumed.

I like a combination of magnesium, hawthorn and a calmative like passion flower. Sometimes I suggest whey. This combo works on many levels for reducing high blood pressure. Magnesium relaxes the arteries making them open more, so BP drops and the heart works less. Whey does something similar but is specific for the diastolic number. The calmative aspect of a supplement is pretty straightforward. The more upset a person is the higher the blood pressure. What to do if your BP is too low?: try watching TV news or talking politics... ugghh.

Remember, keeping your blood pressure managed is very important. Always talk with your health care practitioner before making changes.

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