How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Jim Fain

Posted on October 30 2017

How to keep pretty hair The hair on top of our head is seen by everybody and often it is what folks base their first impression upon. Additionally, it does provide a protective function to our head and body. A good diet and proper supplementation can enhance hair health.

We all know of male pattern baldness, however, many do not know that women often lose hair count or the thickness of individual strands thins with age. In both men and women hormones play a large role. The balance of testosterone and certain female hormones effects the amount and placement of hair on our bodies. Genetics, diet, prescribed drugs and stress play a large role in hair. Not much can be done about our gene pool but we can maximize our diet and reduce daily stress. A  good rounded diet which includes plenty of water helps. If you happen to not be very good with eating well, a good multi-vitamin with minerals and trace elements will go a long way. Being sure of having enough vitamin B-complex especially is useful, looking to take in enough biotin (up to 1mg) each day. B-complex also helps the body handle the effects of stress. Stress reduction in whatever form does as well. MSM (2-4g/day) makes the hair stronger as well as improving skin and nails. Wild Yam creme along with Saw Palmetto is used to help bring hair back to those receding or absent places. There are specialty formulas by private label and commercial which can be very beneficial.

Shampooing once every other day or longer for most people is often enough. This stops the over cleaning of your hair. You see you do need to leave a little natural oil in place.  Some people like to use a shampoo which does not have TEA-Laurel Sulfate or DEA in it, others don’t mind if it does. I like to use a gentle shampoo separate from a conditioner.  This way I can add a small glop of conditioner rubbed between my palms.

Hair health is surprisingly complicated. A consultation with your trusted and trained hair professional along with your health care provider is often very wise. Having your head displayed to the world in the way you want is a pleasure which enhances self confidence.
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In good health,

Dr. Fain

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