About Fain's Herbacy

I’m Dr. James W. Fain, Ph.D.

I founded Fain’s Herbacy with the goal of bringing scientifically supported supplements to you at the lowest prices. My staff, under my direction, combines the best of the old ways with the support of modern science. Nestled into a remote area of the beautiful Ozarks, we have time to focus on you and treat you like family. We’ll advise you expertly.

We have our own private label supplement line made of the best premium ingredients. No more worry about buying low quality or old nutritional supplements, why waste your money? We guarantee quality, potency, and freshness.


Did you know this about Dr. Fain?

  1. He published his first scientific paper when he was 27 years old
  2. Is a published at least 16 times in research medicine
  3. Has presented, contributed and taught at national meetings including;
  4. The Society of Nuclear Medicine
  5. The American Heart Association
  6. The American Gastroenterological Association
  7. Held an professorship at both LA City College and California State
  8. Was Division Chief of Nuclear Med. at Harbor UCLA Med Ctr for 10 years.
  9. Made a life change, earned his Ph.D., passed rigorous California licensure exams and practiced as a Gestalt (holistic) psychotherapist (marriage, family, and child) for 14 years.

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