The Value of Probiotics

Jim Fain

Posted on October 30 2017

Suprema-Dophilus-FrontGood digestion and good sleep are the first markers of good health. Books have been written on each of these topics so I’ll put together a short work on just digestion and the role of probiotics, also known as “good bugs.” These live mainly in our small bowel and colon. This is opposite to antibiotics (pro meaning benefiting and biotic meaning life).

Regular medicine is beginning to embrace strongly the role of probiotics with studies proving linkage to heart disease, bone density and the immune system. Some science connects the good bugs to reduced depression and improved overall mental health. So, being sure of having plenty of the good guys around is important.

You’ve heard of acidophilus as it is found in live culture yogurt from the grocery store. While this is good for you it is only one family in a long list that adds to your health and wellbeing. A high quality probiotic supplement would provide at least a dozen families; the more the better.

So, the active culture yogurt is tasty and good for you but not really strong enough. Swallowing one capsule of a high quality supplement is a very easy way to insure that you get what you need. It has to be enteric coated or made to resist being killed by stomach acid and be able to bloom in the small bowel, the probiotic Eden.

People who finish a round of antibiotics should do a round of probiotics for the same number of days. For example if you were on a Z-Pack for 10 days then you would supplement with probiotics for 10 days. Also, folks who change their food sections often need to counter the bloating and discomfort which follows. Do you have diarrhea or constipation? Probiotics to the rescue! Actually, these days I think it is right for everyone to include a source of probiotics into their daily diet. Especially mothers to be, breast feeding mothers, those with challenged immune systems, people with clogged arteries. Just one capsule each day can make a big difference in your health and well being.

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In good health,

Dr. Fain

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