The Magic of a Good Magnesium

Jim Fain

Posted on December 15 2022

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Suppose the prescription drug is actually interfering with the absorption of the nutritional supplement. Suppose, it is well established that prescribed drugs often and commonly create new ailments by causing vitamin and mineral deficits... what would you do? Think about this as this is more often the case than we can imagine.

Consider the mineral magnesium. This all natural gift is used in thousands of body processes each and every day. We simply have to have enough in our systems to avoid short term or long term illnesses due to deficit. Did you know prescribed diuretics, blood pressure medications and statin drugs interfere with the benefits of magnesium. Other drugs do, too. Did you know, in fact magnesium can lower blood pressure along with reducing cholesterol as well as helping reduce atrial fibrillation, migraines, reducing calcium overload, helping muscle function, relaxing the body, improve breathing for asthma, reducing constipation... the list is very long. Of course, if you take prescribed drugs and have symptoms, you'll likely be prescribed more prescribed drugs. This sets up a vicious circle doesn't it?

Blood testing can be done to measure magnesium levels but are likely to be imprecise at best in terms of measuring your need. You see a blood test just shows how much is in your blood but not in the tissues where it is needed. Additionally, it is thought that drugs processed through the liver may elevate amounts of magnesium in the blood as the body dumps stores in order to detox from the very effects of the drug.

What to do? First emphasize eating anything green like chard and kale adding nuts and beans to the recipe. If you're using prescribed drugs I'd add 300-450 chelated magnesium each day. Remember, magnesium is required for a long list of body processes yet we don’t get enough in our diet. Making this worse is that prescribed drugs like heart medicines, and others, decrease absorption of this very needed mineral. I like the chelated type and take 2 tablets daily. Supplement formulas typically named Blood Pressure Support have enough magnesium for most people.

Be aware your blood pressure (BP) may drop so keep a log of home measurements. If it was me then as my BP drops I'd start reducing my BP meds. Keep your doctor informed and keep him/her as your health partner.

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