L Theanine Premier Private Label

L Theanine Premier Private Label

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Premium Ingredients
100 mg/vegetarian capsule HIGH Potency
60 capsules/bottle with a suggested use 1 or more capsules as needed between meals.

Restful Yet Focused - Want to Stop the Obsessing & Worry?

We all want peace of mind and a feeling of wellbeing. My private label is made with the premier. Sun theanine(r).  L-theanine also may help support cognitive performance and attention to detail as tension is decreased in the body. The at ease feeling comes from shutting off the squirrel cage. Though many use this before bed to relax our brains, it is so useful that it can be used all day long at lower doses. This product is completely vegetarian and also does not contain milk, eggs, wheat, gluten, soy, sugar, corn, sweeteners or preservatives.

This is one of Robin's favorites!

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