Magnesium Chelated Premier Private Label

Magnesium Chelated Premier Private Label

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Chelated Magnesium
Gold Standard Chelates by Albion Labs
Quality & Potency Guaranteed

Can help relax the bronchus! Colds & Flu, too!

Consider the mineral magnesium. This all natural gift is used in thousands of body processes each and every day. We simply have to have enough in our systems to avoid short term or long term illnesses due to deficit. Did you know prescribed diuretics, blood pressure medications and statin drugs interfere with the benefits of magnesium. Other drugs do, too. Did you know, in fact magnesium can lower blood pressure along with reducing cholesterol as well as helping reduce atrial fibrillation, migraines, reducing calcium overload, helping muscle function, relaxing the body, improve breathing for asthma, reducing constipation... the list is very long. Of course, if you take prescribed drugs and have symptoms, you'll likely be prescribed more prescribed drugs. This sets up a vicious circle doesn't it?
Why guess about the quality and value of the magnesium you put into your body? This one is all you need!

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