Proteolytic Enzymes Ultra Proteo Zimes Premier Pvt Label

Proteolytic Enzymes Ultra Proteo Zimes Premier Pvt Label

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Proteolytic enzymes and Systemic enzymes are pretty much the same product found on the shelf of health food stores; different than digestive enzymes. The formulas are unique from company to company but they all contain high amounts of a variety of enzymes which are enteric coated. So, they digest in the small intestine instead of in the stomach allowing them to move throughout the body. Digestive enzymes have some similarity but are not enteric coated so they help digest food staying in the digestive system. Why use a systemic (enteric coated) enzyme product?

Suggestions made by the natural health people who have seen the benefit of supplementing first hand include muscle degradation, clot formation, fibroids, cysts, yeast/candida overgrowth, reduction of ongoing inflammation which are all conditions regular medicine has a hard time dealing with by prescribing medicines. Fibroids and cysts being benign (non-cancerous) tumors can only be dealt with via surgery and only done under certain conditions. Natural health is called upon by many, in the know, people when medicine hits the wall.

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